setting and conditions

I am a systemic counselor and therapist for adults - according to the German Heilpraktikergesetz - and I work with individuals only. The therapy sessions usually take place on site in Berlin, if the focus is more on coaching, online sessions are also an option. I have had good experiences with a mix of online setting and on-site sessions, so this model would also be possible, depending on what suits you more. 

The online sessions are usually 60 minutes long, and the on-site sessions are 60 or 90 minutes. The longer sessions are suitable, for example, if you come to me at longer intervals or specifically for methods and exercises that need more time.

Since I work in a self-pay-only practice, I can be flexible in adjusting the frequency and number of sessions to your needs and wishes.

In the first session, we discuss which scope might best fit your concerns. This may be a block of 8 - 10 sessions, but also 3 - 5 sessions are possible. Or it may be a therapeutic process that requires a bit more time. The intervals between sessions can also vary, anything from 2 weeks to 2 months is possible here. In addition, there are sometimes clients who, afterwards, check in with me again every half year,  and appreciate the continued support. 

Important note: please understand that I do not offer acute crisis intervention. For quick support in a crisis, please look here:

Pricing (on-site* and online)

regular price

  •   75 € for 60 minutes   
  • 110 € for 90 minutes

for those who are financially worse off for reasons of disadvantage or discrimination

  • 95 € for 90 minutes
A discount for 60 minute sessions is not feasible at the moment

for those who want to pay more

  • 125 € for 90 minutes
Optional also for a single session

Billing via statutory or private health insurance is not possible in my practice.
*The access to my practice room is mostly barrier-free, an elevator as well as wide doors and a wheelchair accessible bathroom are available.